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Ana x Male!Reader || Reunion
Ana x Male!Reader || Reunion
Requested by: :iconatlasthebadass:
She believed he’d died when the explosion had occurred. It had been a simple mission, observe Talon’s movements in El Dorado, but it’d quickly gone wrong. They’d known of their plans to spy on them, and they’d set up a trap. As a result, Widowmaker had been there along with Reaper, and Sombra. The three had caused havoc in a short amount of time and successfully split the group up and began picking off agents. Then, a large explosion that was set off on accident when gunfire hit an explosive barrel set off a chain reaction. The Talon agents used it to flee as their base of operations was blasted to bits as several more explosions went off, and Ana could only watch as the place where her lover had been hiding was destroyed. She’d tried to go and dig him from the burning rubble, but she’d been dragged away by Jack as more explosions rang out through the air and smoke filled the air.
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 23 4
Officer D.VA by SongJiKyo Officer D.VA :iconsongjikyo:SongJiKyo 1,853 29 Bunny Winter and Weiss Schnee. by ZainKyugo Bunny Winter and Weiss Schnee. :iconzainkyugo:ZainKyugo 513 25 by vashperado :iconvashperado:vashperado 2,989 75 RWBY Cinder [NSFW Preview] by toriegarcia89 RWBY Cinder [NSFW Preview] :icontoriegarcia89:toriegarcia89 32 1 Commission: Pyrrha Nikos by Vynta Commission: Pyrrha Nikos :iconvynta:Vynta 193 21 Bikini Tracer by RainbowMissy Bikini Tracer :iconrainbowmissy:RainbowMissy 783 17 Cheers love! by RainbowMissy Cheers love! :iconrainbowmissy:RainbowMissy 1,168 32 SOLDIER:76 AND REAPER2.0 by citemer SOLDIER:76 AND REAPER2.0 :iconcitemer:citemer 421 7 MERCY by citemer MERCY :iconcitemer:citemer 1,113 16 Mei by Flowerxl Mei :iconflowerxl:Flowerxl 1,483 31 Mercy Combat medic skin , Overwatch by kachima Mercy Combat medic skin , Overwatch :iconkachima:kachima 1,804 28 Mercy by megatama30 Mercy :iconmegatama30:megatama30 182 5 Tracer by Jessica Nigri by ItsNekoMitch Tracer by Jessica Nigri :iconitsnekomitch:ItsNekoMitch 120 1
Artificial Love (Tracer X Mreader)
AN: So I been brewing this idea for a bit, and I have decided to do it. Tracer X Human Like Omnic Mreader. XD That is a mouthful. Anyway, figured doing this, since I have yet to see a X Mreader like that, and that is a shame.
About You: You are one of the most advance Omnics to ever be made. You look, and sound human, but underneath the fake skin, is the hard shell of any Omnic. You do have weird features, that being lines of (Fave Color) running down your body, along your arms and legs. And a cress that goes along the bridge of your nose and down your jaw line. Course, this was all before the war happened, and in order for you to never be used for evil, you were sealed away in a Overwatch vault. But now, it is time to awaken.
(Lena’s POV)
I sat in the shuttle, kicking my feet as
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 51 27
Male!Reader x Widowmaker - Prologue

This is before present Overwatch. Also, Amelie is not married, but rather she is best friends with her canon husband to the point of where people could consider them married. Your operative name is Kingslayer and your weapons are two wrist rifles and the occasional M110 Sniper Rifle. I’ve changed your outfit and your skills with a sniper rifle are like that of Deadshot from DC Comics.
Male!Reader x Widowmaker: Ensnared in Her Web - Prologue
Come on guy…just show yourself, freezing my ass off in a frozen wasteland called Russia isn’t the best thing I would like to do and it sucks even more when you consider I’m nearing the North Pole. I had gotten intel that Talon was operating near this area and now, I set up a snow mound and hid the barrel of my sniper rifle in it wh
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